Wicklow Way

Wicklow is a collaborative community that engages in meaningful instruction to encourage lifelong learning

Our Mission


"Wicklow Elementary engages all children in a collaborative environment with an inquiry-based approach to develop knowledgeable, caring and internationally-minded scholars.  We inspire our scholars to become lifelong learners and creative thinkers who take action to make a positive impact in our world.”







Wicklow Way

What makes us unique?

Global Pathways Magnet

Interested in joining a school where scholars learn from an internationally minded curriculum and where cultural awareness is supported in at least two languages? If so, Wicklow Elementary School for Global Pathways is for you!

 Here are some of our program highlights:

- Dual Language curriculum option (regular classroom instruction given in two languages)

- Whole school exposure to both French and Spanish

- State-of-the-art technology (1 to 1 student devices)

- An action-centered approach to learning through inquiry

- Presently applying for International Baccalaureate (Primary Years Programme) Candidacy  


How do I apply?

Step 1: Find out if you need to apply as a magnet applicant or a region applicant based on your address. You can search your address by clicking here: http://sim.scps.k12.fl.us/school/schoolzonesearch 

If you live in Region 2, you will complete a Region Application!

If you do not live in Region 2, you will complete a Magnet Application!

Step 2: Fill out an application through the Student Assignment & Program Access department by clicking here: https://www.seminoleschoolchoicesapplication.us/apply/

 If you are a region applicant make sure to pick Wicklow as your #1 choice!


Still Have Questions? Please contact Carson Stone, Assistant Principal for Global Pathways at Carson_Stone@scps.k12.fl.us or 407-320-1230 to schedule a tour or learn more about our program.