Our Mission


"Wicklow Elementary engages all children in a collaborative environment with an inquiry-based approach to develop knowledgeable, caring and internationally-minded scholars.  We inspire our scholars to become lifelong learners and creative thinkers who take action to make a positive impact in our world.”







Global Pathways Magnet

How do I apply?



FreeLunchStep 1: Find out if you need to apply as a magnet applicant or a region applicant based on your address. You can search your address by clicking here: http://sim.scps.k12.fl.us/school/schoolzonesearch 

If you live in Region 2, you will complete a Region Application!

If you do not live in Region 2, you will complete a Magnet Application!


Step 2: Fill out an application through the Student Assignment & Program Access department by clicking here: https://www.seminoleschoolchoicesapplication.us/apply/ If you are a region applicant make sure to pick Wicklow as your #1 choice!

Still Have Questions? Please contact Carson Stone, Assistant Principal for Global Pathways at Carson_Stone@scps.k12.fl.us or 407-320-1230