Wicklow Way

Wicklow is a collaborative community that engages in meaningful instruction to encourage lifelong learning


Gifted and Talented

Wicklow Elementary currently has a 3rd and 4th grade Gifted and Talented Multi-Age Class. In this class, students learn through project based inquiry and group work. Students engage in activities that encourage critical thinking and collaboration while utilizing the most current technology. This is a two year program in which students remain with the same teachers and meet both third and fourth grade standards simultaneously. For the 2013-2014 school year there will be a Gifted and Talented inclusion class in all grade levels. This allows students to work with peers at their academic level and be challenged beyond the standard curriculum.


(Science, engineering, computers, math for excellence) This club currently meets in the Science Lab every other week after school. Students are given a problem to solve like building the tallest or strongest structure or designing the best whirligig. Students design, build and test their ideas using teamwork. These experiences help to build a sense of confidence and accomplishment in our students.


Cross Country

Wicklow Elementary has an excellent Cross Country team. We have practices in the morning and in the afternoon. We also have the exciting opportunity to compete against other schools in the district. The team is open to all students!

Endurance, strength training, sportsmanship, and motivation are just some of the skills we work on. Come join us!