Our Mission


"Wicklow Elementary engages all children in a collaborative environment with an inquiry-based approach to develop knowledgeable, caring and internationally-minded scholars.  We inspire our scholars to become lifelong learners and creative thinkers who take action to make a positive impact in our world.”







Accelerated Reader Club

Accelerated Reading (AR) is one tool that teachers use to help their students with motivation and comprehension. After a student readers a book, they can take a comprehension test on the computer about the book to check for understanding. Each book awards points after the completion of the test, and typically the bigger the book the more points it is worth. Student use their points to purchase goodies at the AR store and set personal goals for how many points they want to achieve. Additionally, each grade level has a specific point goal and if students reach that goal then they get a Wicklow AR shirt to wear every Friday and be a part of the AR Club!