Our Mission


"Wicklow Elementary engages all children in a collaborative environment with an inquiry-based approach to develop knowledgeable, caring and internationally-minded scholars.  We inspire our scholars to become lifelong learners and creative thinkers who take action to make a positive impact in our world.”







Wicklow Way

Wicklow is a collaborative community that engages in meaningful instruction to encourage lifelong learning

Crochet club is for students 3rd through 5th who would like to  like learn basic crochet techniques.  
Studies show that the repetitive movements of crochet have been effective in the management of disruptive behavior and ADHD in children. Crochet also includes a social component that many of our students struggle with.  
We received a grant from the Foundation to purchase supplies and we are going to donate infant hats to the WIC program in Sanford. The hats would give our scholars the opportunity to not only learn a lifelong craft, but to teach them that helping others in need is a good thing.